May 2015

By Heather Shore

After our screening of “Beneath the Helmet” we had the opportunity to sit down with Rabbi Raphael Shore, the CEO of Jerusalem U. Many of us left the screening feeling incredibly inspired and proud of Israel, and our conversation with Rabbi Shore enabled us to understand the vision behind the creation of the film and how this vision essentially hand made the feelings we were experiencing. Rabbi Shore explained that when it comes to Israel, there are two war fronts- the war of the IDF and the war of ideas/ de-legitimization of Israel. He explained to us that since Israel has been slightly preoccupied with its seemingly endless stream of physical threats, it has fallen behind in its domination of the second war front: social media and social perception. Through its humanization of basic training, IDF soldiers, and greater Israeli community, “Beneath the Helmet” changes the lens through which the viewer is exposed to Israel.

When asked why this was important, or how we could help with this second battlefront, Rabbi Shore revealed to us the bigger picture. To him, “Beneath the Helmet” and much of the other work produced by Jerusalem U is a lesson in ownership and personal responsibility. Continue reading