January 2016

By: Mara Chaben

The sun casts a shimmer of light upon my body and the warmth is suddenly tangible upon my face. My camp director defines this as the sunspot. On sunny mornings at camp, overlooking beautiful Lake Huron, my camp director instructs the kids to face the sun, let the warmth provide energy to their bodies and harness that energy to power the fun-filled day. I stare at this sunspot, soaking in as much energy as I can and then allow the light to open my eyes.

But this time, I am not at camp. I open my eyes to a view from a yacht on the Mediterranean Sea just off the Herziliya coast in Israel. I take in the warmth from the sun, similarly to how I do at camp, but this time I think to myself -I want to save this golden energy to power the incredible semester ahead of me.

My first day back in Israel on the Nachshon Project was spent on a yacht. The Rabbis took us for the ‘ultimate’ icebreaker by putting all the fellows on two teams to race the yachts down the Mediterranean Sea. Although the yachts were a little slower to race than originally intended, the outcome of the activity was successful in a different way than expected. Continue reading