February 2016

By Sam Thal

In order to create successful, sustainable change, one must be able to follow a vision. A vision, combined with a passion to fulfill that vision, is the foundation for success. During our first week together at Shefayim, Rabbi Zeff helped us explore the concept of setting a vision. We started by looking at mission statements. We discussed the difference between intention and execution of missions using camp as an example. In my experience as a staff member, I am aware of the general idea of my camp’s mission, but I do not often intentionally think about it while doing my work. This does not mean the vision is unsuccessful; however, ideally everything that happens at a camp should work toward its intended mission.

As growing Jewish leaders, we can start to develop our visions and determine the steps we need to take to begin chasing them. What better place to develop a vision than the land of innovation and startups? Continue reading