February 2017

By Anina Dassa

After listening to the wonderful Rabbi Tamar of Kehillat Tzion speak earlier that week, we were privileged to get a taste of what Tzion’s lively services are like with Mizrahi Musician Hadas Pal Yarden. Not only did we get to listen to their music, but it was also part of our Kabbalat shabbat experience in our Baaka Shabbaton. Our entire cohort was colored by the magical sounds of Hadas’s voice while we brought in shabbat. The music was different from anything I had ever experienced and the chords transported me to a different place. The music had the familiar words of kabalat shabbat service, but it very much centered around the unique melodies and tones. I was even invited to go up and sing with Hadas. I learned that a lot of the music was about improvising different melodies in the Mizrahi framework. Singing with Hadas connected me to my Jewish roots and inspired me to learn more about Mizrahi Music.