March 2018

By Yosef Nemanpour

I have always thought of myself as ambitious—I have big goals and great aspirations. With these goals almost always comes the same internal struggle, the “Of course I can do it” and the “How in the world could I do it”. When I experience the former, I am efficient and productive: emails are sent, progress is made, and I feel extremely accomplished. When I experience the latter part of the dialogue, I am discouraged and demotivated by inner thoughts such as, “Even if I finish, my work won’t actually benefit anyone.” In reality, these conversations are happening in my head all the time.

Out first week in Israel, during the orientation the Nachshon Project staff had us write some goals that we have for the semester. My goal was simply to have more confidence in myself as a leader and to believe in the weight of my ideas. I was pretty patient with this goal. I don’t know what I was expecting to learn about myself that would change this thought pattern of mine, but I figured it out on March 18th in the session with Rabbi Jonathan Shulman, just over two months after arriving in Israel. 

It was a long day, we started with some basic insights into the essence of leadership, how we are all leaders in our daily lives. Continue reading