Eiretz Hayilim Zipline

By Dani Sobel

During our third Shabbaton, we got to visit a different part of Israel that many of us had never been before- Alon Shvut. However, before Shabbat started, we stopped at Eiretz Hayilim park for an early lunch and zip-lining! This was such a great activity that the whole cohort could participate in. Since it was midway through the semester, we all really needed something fun to do and going on OMEGA (the Israeli word for Zip-line) was the perfect thing. A lot of us got to go down the zip-line tethered- experiencing it together! Fun fact: this is the largest zip-line in Israel and the second largest in the world! It even goes over a highway- yikes! After the zip-line, we were driven back to the park in an open-air jeep. A few friends and I snuck away from the group to check out the petting zoo that the park had- there were peacocks, camels, lambs, and a moose. This was one of the most fun days we have had as a cohort and it was a great introduction to visiting Alon Shvut. 


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