Laura Solomon Esq.

By Jamie Gottlieb

One of my favorite parts of my Nachshon experience has been learning about the many different ways one can work in the Jewish professional world. One of these ways is by working in the Jewish nonprofit sector. Nachshon provided us with the unique opportunity to meet Laura Solomon, an attorney, and an expert on nonprofit work in the United States. The entire group was enthralled with her presentation, as she made tax law and nonprofit operations tangible and relevant concepts that each of us will have to face in our professional lives.

I loved how personal and down to earth she was during her presentation. As the group bubbled with questions, she took each in stride and provided the cohort with practical tools for navigating the nonprofit world. We learned about working with a board, and what we should look out for should we choose to sit on a board in the future. What impressed me most was after her presentation, Laura Solomon took the time to speak with many of us individually and answer our questions about anything she talked about.

Later that week another fellow and I were sitting in the Rothberg cafe and Laura Solomon was about to give a lecture to a graduate class in the Nonprofit management masters program at Hebrew University. She went out of her way to invite us to her talk on nonprofit board responsibilities, and we ended up going. I learned so much during both her Nachshon lecture and the additional lecture at Hebrew U. It was so valuable to meet and learn from someone as unique and dynamic as Laura Solomon. I am so happy that we had this opportunity!


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