Not-So-Talent Show

By Allison Reich

As I stood in the center of the circle, I felt everyone’s eyes intensely focused on me. I cleared my throat, preparing to showcase my “not-so-talent” that I haven’t performed since the young age of five years old. I proudly declared, “I’m a little teapot, short and stout,” and confidently continued the song with exaggerated motions towards my handle and spout. Some people in the crowd clapped, while others sang along.

My act was just one of the many performances during the opening conference’s “Not-So-Talent” Show, a student-led activity that helped the cohort embrace its inner child and share laughs. The activity required everyone to write their name on one paper and a talent (that could be performed in the conference room) on a second paper. Then, a name and talent were randomly chosen and the show began.

I knew that the Nachshon Project had a thorough vetting process to find some of the brightest, most talented Jewish leaders, but the skills that were highlighted at the show brought this group to a new level. Some of the performances included: headstands, singing the ABC’s backwards, Irish step dancing, and acting like a sailor on a boat during a hurricane.

Although the activity was casual and lighthearted, I walked away from the show with a deep insight into the future of my Nachshon Project journey. On a personal level, I felt proud of myself for going out of my comfort zone to contribute to the high spirits of the group, and I looked forward to similar experiences in the future. For the cohort as a whole, every performance built my excitement to develop friendships and engage with the smiling characters in front of me. Additionally, I learned about the immense potential of the cohort to make the most of every moment. Looking back on my journey thus far, I truly feel like my first impressions have been confirmed and I am so grateful for this opportunity to continue building these relationships.


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