Sing along with Yonina singers

By Yonina Silverman

After a wonderful Shabbat during orientation week, we all loaded the buses and headed to a forest to have a bonfire. Despite the cold weather, we gathered around the fire and had the opportunity of hearing from Yoni and Nina, also known as Yonina who are well known singers in the Israeli modern orthodox world. While this couple travels the world signing for different people, we were privileged with a private concert. The couple sang many songs that we knew and also some of their originals. At one point we even got up and danced all together. The signing was both happy and upbeat while maintaining a sense of humility and meaning. This experience showed the power of singing and how melody can evoke different feelings within us. I am happy I was able to take part in this private concert and I thank the Nachshon Project for allowing us to take part in this memorable moment.


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