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You’re at that critical juncture when career is no longer an abstraction. Suddenly you’re asking yourself; “What will I do with my life?” You live in a world in which there are few safety nets. Job security is increasingly elusive. Admission to top graduate schools is selective. Admission to any graduate school is prohibitively expensive. And then what? A degree from a top graduate school is a guaranty of debt, but no guaranty of employment. Plus you have values, ideals, dreams of making this world a better place. How do you reconcile your need for basic security with your desire to do something meaningful?

  Somehow, in all the talk with your parents, peers and guidance counselors, and in none of the tsunami of brochures, websites, pamphlets and presentations does anyone suggest one of the most challenging, rewarding, yet secure career tracks available to someone like YOU. We’re talking about a career working in the Jewish community – whether as an educator, Hillel or summer camp professional, executive director, rabbi, academic, or social worker. Not only are there real jobs, but the pay is good, the work is meaningful, the benefits are generous, and you know exactly why you’re getting up every morning.

Finally there is a way for you to explore these opportunities at no risk and no cost before you have to make any lasting decisions. It’s called The Nachshon Project. And if you are one of the up to 40 successful applicants, you are in for the experience of a lifetime.

The Nachshon Project is an opportunity to spend the Spring semester of your junior year on a full tuition scholarship at The Hebrew University in Jerusalem. Its purpose is to educate and inspire the top echelon of American Jewish undergraduates by expanding their horizons and exposing them to models of leadership, scholarship and meaningful encounters offered nowhere else. The Nachshon Project creates a diversified community of peers from different backgrounds who will emerge, ultimately, as a lifelong, nationwide, cross-denominational network of scholars, educators and leaders.

Who will be accepted to this elite group? Candidates for The Nachshon Project must have already proven themselves through their work in Jewish summer camp or on campus programs, and demonstrate a potential to assume the mantle of leadership in the real world. For these highly motivated, Jewishly literate young men and women, a program awaits them like no other – an intensive Spring semester at The Hebrew University’s Rothberg International School on Mount Scopus. The coursework is augmented and enriched by Shabbatonim, shared identity formation experiences, and peer-supported learning, making each participant especially attractive to graduate programs regardless of denomination.

Nachshon Project Fellows emerge with a proven capacity to learn, the drive to accomplish and, hopefully, a strong desire to choose a career working in the Jewish community.