You have questions, doubts, evolving opinions, hopes and hungers.

The purpose of The Nachshon Project is not to turn you – an entering college junior – into someone else’s idea of a leader. Rather it is to empower you to develop into your own person. Our vision is for you to deploy your individualism, your fresh perspective, your penchant for organic growth to the betterment of the Jewish world.

Which is why The Nachshon Project is an elite program that provides a rare opportunity for rare individuals to explore Jewish life and careers in the Jewish community. It is for those who have the potential to make changes and shake things up.

As a Jewish and Israel-based immersion program, it provides an opportunity to learn from and interact with innovators and leaders; and to emerge with a full understanding of the graduate programs and career options available to you. And the very fact that you are a Nachshon Project alumnus identifies you as a prime candidate for admission and scholarships to the leading American and international graduate schools.

As a Nachshon Fellow, you will be one of up to forty highly individual young people immersed in an environment designed to broaden your horizons while immersing you in enriching experiences, exposing you to profound Jewish wisdom, and opening the door to a wide array of Jewish culture. Above all, you will discover – with the aid of master educators – the most successful conventional and unconventional ways to impart learning and ideas to others. Because this is the secret of great leadership.


what Selection for a Nachshon fellowship begins with an application to The Nachshon Project, and is then subject to acceptance by The Hebrew University of Jerusalem. The semester in Israel is the centerpiece of a four-phase program (see below) that will help equip you to become a leader anywhere in the greater Jewish community.

Phase 1. The Fall Semester Webinars
During the fall prior to the spring semester at Hebrew University, Nachshon Fellows across America will participate in monthly webinars. The webinars serve as a gateway to the spring semester at The Hebrew University and the various Nachshon Project seminars and programs in Israel. These webinars will also enable Nachshon Fellows to begin exploring career options in the service of the Jewish community.

Phase 2. Spring Semester at The Hebrew University
The Spring semester is based at the Rothberg International School located on The Hebrew University’s legendary Mount Scopus campus. Nachshon Fellows are enrolled in regular classes per the schedule and requirements of the Rothberg International School. In addition to their for-credit courses, Nachshon Fellows take part in supplementary weekly seminars, monthly Shabbatonim and special programs. The Shabbatonim provide an opportunity to explore different parts of the country and introduce Nachshon Fellows to passionate leaders, teachers, and innovative thinkers. The total program is designed to foster peer relationships that will mature over time into a lifelong professional and personal support network.

phase3phase4 Phase 3. Camp and Campus Projects
Projects devised by the Fellows in Jerusalem will be implemented the following summer and/or fall. An onsite mentor will assist in both implementation and evaluation. Mentors will have ongoing sessions with their Fellows, and provide further training relevant to the Fellow’s position and future growth. The camp and campus, as a microcosms of real community life, will provide an opportunity to lead, share experiences from Israel, and fortify the Fellow’s skills as a Jewish communal leader.

Phase 4. Fall Semester, Senior Year
Nachshon Fellows will participate in a multi-day reunion seminar which will take place during the fall semester. The purpose of the seminar is to provide networking opportunities, foster peer communications, and other hands-on workshops. A key aspect of the seminar will be featured speakers and experts who will provide assistance with graduate school choices and applications, and help with school applications, resume preparation and career guidance.