Jerusalem, of course!

Since ancient times, Jerusalem has served as a canvas of inspiration that excites, reminds and teaches.

The Hebrew University offers The Nachshon Project the unlimited resources of Jerusalem – crossroads of myriad cultures, people and experiences. The streets of Jerusalem echo the sounds of prayer, are redolent of foods from every corner of the globe, and awash with people from every conceivable background. Jerusalem is arguably the world’s most diverse city; igniting limitless passion, fervor and zeal. It is here, at the intersection of Jewish life, where The Nachshon Project provides opportunities to learn, experiment, dream and inspire.

During the Spring Semester of Shanah Aleph (Year One), Nachshon Project Fellows will live and learn at The Hebrew University’s Mount Scopus campus. On-campus living is an exciting part of the experience. At The Hebrew University, Nachshon Project Fellows have an opportunity to meet students from all over the world, as well as to build relationships with their Israeli peers.

The Mount Scopus campus features a world class library, cafes and restaurants, a bookstore and more. The contemporary Rothberg International School building is situated in the center of the campus, and serves as the hub for both The Hebrew University’s academic courses, as well as The Nachshon Project’s programs, classes and interactive events.

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