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The Nachshon Project Counselor Fellowship

In the summer of 2020, the Nachshon Project created an initiative to offer online counselor training which included Jewish learning, leadership development, and the opportunity to connect with peers from summer camps across North America.

Due to the success of the program, the Counselor Fellowship will run again May 23-June 3, 2021, and will offer you an engaging learning experience that will strengthen your connection to both your camp community and to the Jewish community as a whole.
The 2021 Counselor Fellowship will last for two weeks and include a number of high-end speakers, as well as six sessions on strategies for pedagogic success led by nationally-renowned camp staff trainer Michael Brandwein. Other sessions will cover leadership development, effective practices in working with children, Jewish learning, and an introduction to Jewish careers. A sample schedule can be found by clicking here. The fellowship will end with each participant creating and running a program for campers during the summer.

In addition:

Each counselor fellow will choose a Hadracha elective which will consist of four sessions. We will hire and train ten Hadracha elective teachers to teach these different options.
Jewish text study will consist of two parts:
A three-part elective (participants choose one elective) plus
Three sessions led by the leaders of the three largest seminaries on the theology and guiding principles of their movement, based on feedback from counselors last year who were interested in learning from and about each other. Following these three sessions, each fellow will participate in a processing session led by the Jewish elective teachers.


The program is open to rising college freshmen/gap year, sophomores, and juniors. We require participants to express interest in exploring Jewish careers, to work at camp this upcoming summer, and to commit to fully participating in the program.


You will receive a $300 stipend on top of your camp salary (returning participants will receive $150) after successful completion of the program, which includes participating in the program, serving as a counselor a camp this summer, and implementing a program at camp.

Application Process

Each camp will be responsible for selecting their Counselor Fellowship participants. Contact your camp director to learn more about applying.

About The Nachshon Project

The Nachshon Project Fellowship inspires college juniors to pursue careers in Jewish professional leadership. Throughout a tuition-free semester in Jerusalem, fellows engage in career exploration, Israel education, Jewish learning, mentorship, and leadership development. After graduation, Nachshon Project Fellows can apply to receive generous graduate fellowships of $30,000 per year to gain graduate degrees which will lead to careers serving the Jewish world. Graduate Fellows participate in additional learning and networking opportunities, which ensure that individuals who strive to serve the Jewish community have both the opportunities to do so, and the skills and networks needed in order to succeed.

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