• + Who is eligible to apply?

      The Nachshon Project is seeking accomplished and ambitious rising college juniors who have already proven themselves through their work in Jewish summer camp and/or on their college campuses and demonstrate a potential to accept the mantle of leadership in the challenging yet opportunity-filled world that is Jewish communal life.

      Applicants must have completed their sophomore year of college and have one year of their undergraduate program remaining after the upcoming academic year.

    • + How do I apply?

      The application for The Nachshon Project is open from mid-May through mid-October each year (for rising juniors). Relevant candidates are invited to participate in online video interviews with the program directors.

      Acceptance to The Nachshon Project is subject to acceptance by the Rothberg International School of The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, which individuals must apply to on their own.

    • + What are the costs?

      The Nachshon Project covers tuition for all Fellows for the spring semester at the Hebrew University and all supplementary program costs, such as Shabbatonim and special events.

      Fellows are responsible for their own airfare, Ulpan and registration fees, and room and board. Fellows are also responsible for additional fees that may be charged by their respective home universities.

      Needs-based scholarships are available to cover these additional expenses for those who qualify.

    • + What are the dates of the program?

      The semester in Israel begins mid-January and runs through the end of May. A full list of dates is available HERE.

    • + Will the program consider my religious and personal needs?

      Yes. Fellows live in their own dormitories on campus or in student apartments throughout the city. Jerusalem provides a variety of religious opportunities from which the Fellows can choose. On Shabbatonim, The Nachshon Project provides a Shomer Shabbat/Kosher environment while not obligating Fellows to participate in services.

    • + Is attending Jewish camp a requirement of the program?

      No. Candidates do not have to have attended Jewish summer camp in order to apply, and Fellows are not required to go to camp the summer following the semester in Israel.

      However, Fellows are encouraged to work at Jewish summer camp after their semester in Israel and to contribute to the camp’s Israel education efforts. Those who do so receive a $1,500 stipend from The Nachshon Project on top of their camp salaries. 

    • + Are Fellows required to attend the Hebrew University in Jerusalem?

      Nachshon Project Fellows must be enrolled as full-time students at The Hebrew University in Jerusalem for the Spring semester.

    • Who do I contact with any questions relating to courses at Hebrew U, credit transfers, dorms, and health insurance?

      For questions about courses and credits, contact Shachar Yanai at shachary@savion.huji.ac.il 

      For questions about dorms, health insurance, and all other Hebrew U/Rothberg related inquiries, contact: HebrewU@hebrewu.org

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