The semester focuses on four different themes, each building toward the overarching goal – to assist Fellows in finding their paths toward becoming communal professionals serving the North American Jewish community.

The Nachshon Project creates a diverse community of peers from different backgrounds, who grow together and explore professional opportunities. The group will ultimately emerge as a long-term, nationwide, cross-ֿdenominational network of scholars, educators, and leaders.

Israel Engagement 
Fellows are exposed to the social, political and religious aspects of the land, people, and country of Israel. They explore the changes in the dynamic of Israel-Diaspora relations and the necessity to understand Israel’s role in organized American Jewish life.

North American Professional Opportunities 
Fellows explore a broad range of opportunities available in Jewish communal work, including education, the rabbinate, public policy and organizational management, and gain an understanding of the graduate programs available.

Jewish Leadership and Literacy 
Educators of all different backgrounds study together with the Fellows, engaging in core Jewish ideas and texts, increasing Fellows’ Jewish textual literacy and enabling them to grapple with their personal Jewish identities.


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