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Who Am I and Why Am I Here

By Esther Schlossberg

Prior to arriving in Israel, Nachshon tasked us with preparing a five-minute fun and creative presentation about ourselves to present to the rest of the cohort. When I first heard about this on our Zoom call and then received a detailed email about it, I honestly was nervous and unsure what to do to introduce myself to 32 new people, who I would be with for the next five months. However, everyone put on their creative caps and we had many interesting presentations. As a cohort, we traveled into Tel Aviv to Mindspace for this activity. Going to Mindspace provided us with a new setting to learn about each other.

These presentations allowed everyone to express who they are in whatever form in which they chose. The presentations varied from powerpoints to videos, a rap song, a BuzzFeed quiz, and a Pinterest presentation. It was so interesting to see how everyone put their own twist on the assignment. Presenting about ourselves enabled us the opportunity to learn about each other; our passions, our hobbies, our families, and our life stories thus far.  From this activity, we learned that as a cohort, we come from many different states, universities, camps, and religious denominations, but our common denominator is that we are all motivated and passionate Jewish leaders.

Personally, this activity impacted me in a positive way because it allowed me to get to know everyone in our cohort in a new way.  This allowed me, and others on our cohort, to make new connections with people based on our similarities of hobbies, favorite music, etc. I really enjoyed this activity because I thought it brought our cohort together in order to further understand where we come from and who we are as individuals.